EOFY Party Ideas in Sydney: The Ultimate Checklist For Busy People

The End of Financial Year is an important and busy time for all Sydney businesses. This is when most people are working overtime to ensure everything is reviewed, recorded, or completed in preparation for the new fiscal year. Fortunately, it is also an excellent excuse for a party!

An EOFY party is a fun way for businesses to celebrate the gains and successes of their company throughout the past financial year. It’s also a great opportunity to reward employees for their hard work, recognising their accomplishments and contributions to the company’s success.

Organizing an EOFY Party, however, can be both time-consuming and challenging. And in a bustling area like Sydney, there’s a dazzling array of choices always available. In short, coming up with concepts, choosing the right venue, and finalising the activities can be a real pain in the neck. The whole process is made even more difficult when it needs to be done in the busiest period of the year, when everyone is already flooded with work.

To make your life easier, we have come up with this helpful list of EOFY Party ideas that you can choose from. This EOFY checklist will take the stress out of planning your EOFY event. Simply pick your favourite option from each list and mix and match your way to the perfect EOFY party without the hassle!

Read on to discover the different themes, activities, venues and catering options that you can choose from to make your EOFY party unforgettable.

How to Organise an EOFY Party (The Easy Way)

Organising an EOFY party is no easy feat. There is a lot to be considered, including the budget, the needs, catering activities, and more! More importantly, you have to truly understand the profile of the people who will be attending the event. Ultimately, you want it to be as inclusive and enjoyable for everyone as possible.

Planning a successful and fun EOFY event, however, is still totally doable. In fact, with the abundance of information that you can find online, the only thing left for you to do is actually make the event happen.

When organising an EOFY party, the first thing to do is to identify the key elements of the event: like the venue, the theme, entertainment, food, and more. Once you’ve broken it down into these categories, you can begin customising each one depending on the needs of your organisation.

Choose Your Sydney EOFY Party Venue

When it comes to choosing an EOFY party venue, you have to consider factors such as location, amenities, rate, size, and accessibility. You also have to make sure that it has the approval of the people who will be attending your party – you wouldn’t want to hold your event in a venue that has a bad rap among your guests!

Here are a few great places in Sydney where you can hold an unforgettable EOFY party:

Soultrap (70-72 Campbell Street, Surry Hills)

Soultrap is a modern-day speakeasy that is loved locally for its easy, cosy, and friendly atmosphere. Located in Surry Hills, Soultrap is perfect for both seated and cocktail gatherings.

With its elegant charm and unrivalled style, Soultrap is the perfect choice for intimate gatherings or themed events for up to 120 guests.

Learn More about Soultrap Here

Yacht Cruise

Companies with a more outgoing and adventurous workforce (and a generous budget) can check out Go Bananas’ yacht for hire.

The company offers a beautiful yacht for parties and events that can accommodate up to 50 people at a time. Cruising the Sydney Harbor for four hours, this yacht is a perfect venue for unique and intimate corporate events.

The Half-Terrace at Cohibar (Shop 359, Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour)

The Half-Terrace offers a fantastic outdoor venue that is perfect for special gatherings and intimate events.

Located at Cohibar, the premier cocktail and cigar lounge in the Darling Harbour, the Half-Terrace offers an amazing view of the harbour as well as the ever-changing city skyline. The venue can seat 30 guests at a time but can combine with the Lounge to accommodate 25 more.

Shark Island (Sydney Harbour National Park)

Shark Island is a 1.5-hectare island that is located just a mile from Rose Bay. Considered one of the most beautiful outdoor venues in Sydney Harbour, Shark Island has grassy areas, spots for picnics, beautiful gazebos, and other amenities ideal for all sorts of outdoor events. The island can accommodate up to 800 guests and is perfect for a big company party! The island also has a rich and colourful history, so guests can have a chance to explore and learn more about the island during their stay.

Choose Your EOFY Party Activity

Once you have identified the venue for your EOFY party, the next thing that you should focus on is to choose the best party activity. When selecting your activity, you have to consider the common interests of the employees who will be attending. For the best interaction, reaction, and engagement, pay attention to your company’s culture and decide what best suits your brand’s vibe.

Take a look at some great EOFY party activities in Sydney that you can include at your own event:

Gatsby Casino Night

The Gatsby Casino Night is a unique party activity that is perfect for up to a hundred people. This 2-hour activity lets guests experience the excitement and energy of the roaring 20s.

During the activity, guests participate in various games to solve mysteries, build alliances, partake in an exciting art auction, and more! The package comes with a professional actor host, professional dealers and croupiers, and all the necessary props to make the event look and feel as authentic as possible.

Murder Mystery Party

A Murder Mystery Party is one of the most popular activities for EOFY parties. This team-building activity, suitable for all ages, is perfect for smaller groups (around 10 to 20 participants). Employees who enjoy working as a group to solve problems will definitely enjoy a murder mystery night.

Take a look at some of Host A Murder’s many themes you can use at your very own EOFY Party: from a classic 1940s mystery about a puzzling murder on a train to a supernatural option, where guests solve the mystery of a vampire that turns citizens into bats. Other options include Hollywood, wild west and Roman themes – don’t forget to choose the perfect venue to suit your murder mystery!

Mobile Cocktail Class

This Mobile Cocktail Class is an exciting short tutorial, perfect for employees who love to meet up for after-work drinks. This 2-hour private class can accommodate as many as 60 participants at the Sydney venue of your choice. The course teaches guests about the tools, processes, and techniques professionals use to make cocktails.

During this activity, participants will be able to mix and create three of their own cocktails, which they can later replicate at home. As this private class can be customised, groups with more than 60 (or less than 5) members can still be accommodated, giving you the ultimate flexibility.

Make Your Own Music Video

If you want an activity for a group that enjoys singing, dancing, and performing in general, the Make Your Own Music Video activity is what you’re looking for. With this activity, up to 500 guests get to experience all the processes needed to create a music video — from brainstorming, choosing costumes and putting on make-up to filming.

With the help of an experienced professional creative team, the group will get to see a finished product after just two hours.

The Mentalist

The Mentalist is a unique group activity where guests participate in a modern magic show performance. The activity, which lasts 2 hours tops, can accommodate as many as 2000 participants.

During the activity, guests get to experience mind-reading activities, understand the art of memory, and even participate in an actual trick. After this EOFY party activity, your staff will be left with a unique sense of confidence and a better understanding of the power of their mind.

Bubble Soccer Zorb

The Bubble Soccer Zorb is an exciting outdoor activity perfect for EOFY parties where both adults and kids will be in attendance. Wearing a Zorb ball, players must try to score a goal using the only exposed part of their body: the leg.

This soccer game with a twist is fun and exhilarating, and ideal for groups with active or healthy lifestyles. This activity can last for two hours and can be set up anywhere in Australia, so it’s perfect for outdoor venues in Sydney.

Choose Your EOFY Party Entertainment

In addition to having a central activity for your EOFY party, you might consider having additional entertainment during the event. Having engaging entertainment is the best way to keep the energy of the event and the guests sky-high.

More importantly, choosing fun entertainment shows you’ve put in the extra effort to ensure everyone at your workplace has a great time!

Take a look at some of the many entertainment options you can hire for your own EOFY Party:


If you’re thinking of using a custom playlist to keep your party upbeat and energetic, you might want to hire your very own DJ. OneFlare.com has an impressive list of available DJs who can perform virtually anywhere in Australia, so you can choose one with the availability to suit your Sydney EOFY party.

Each profile listed on the website has an introduction and authentic comments from previous clients so you can choose the right DJ for your event.


Want to keep the mood of your EOFY party light? You might want to hire your very own stand-up comedian. Directories such as StandUpComedians.com.au are your one-stop shop for the best and most talented comedians in Australia.

With over 200 comedians to choose from, each profile talking about the comedian’s experiences, comedy genre, and awards. These extra details should help you choose a comedian who matches your company’s culture (without overstepping any boundaries).

Jazz Band

If you want your EOFY party to have a light yet classy vibe, you definitely have to hire a jazz band. Blue Velvet Jazz is an accomplished professional 3-man band that specialises in classic cool jazz.

Based in Sydney, the band can perform anywhere in the area and will tweak their playlist based on the needs or demands of the client. Jazz music is always a crowd-pleaser and suits a wide variety of events, from historical themed parties to cocktail evenings.

Fire Show

If your EOFY Party is an outdoor event being held at the beach or by the pool, a fire show is an exciting touch that will really make your guests’ evening spectacular.

Eclipse Flow Entertainment has fire and LED shows that will, without a doubt, add more energy, excitement, and spark to your event. They can perform a choreographed fire show for your party in Sydney and can even customise their routine based on the client’s requests.

Acoustic Musicians

Nothing makes an event more special than live acoustic music, and one of the most well-received acts in this genre is the Sydney Acoustic Duo. The group, composed of Ali and Alana, is an 8-year-old group that has performed in over 600 events, festivals, and exhibitions. Specialising in modern pop, classics and folk, Ali and Alana are well-praised for their heartfelt and very entertaining performances – so if you’re playing it safe, this is the corporate party entertainment option for you.

Choose Your EOFY Party Catering

The most important element of the EOFY Party is, of course, the food. Therefore, it is essential to choose a catering service that offers great-tasting food and guarantees cleanliness and safety – from cooking, plating, and handling, all the way to handling and serving.

Take a look at some of the most trusted catering services in Sydney for your EOFY party:

Picnic Packs

The Grounds Catering has a wide selection of picnic-style catering options that are both well-priced and delicious. The company can prepare picnic packs to serve 2 to 4 people for only $100 each, perfect for an outdoor event or a day out on the water. Having pre-packed meals and snacks makes event catering easy-peasy, and their gourmet take on the lunchbox will keep all your staff more than satisfied.

Charcuterie & Grazing Boards

If classy charcuterie and grazing boards are what you have in mind, you have to check out Soultrap. Soultrap offers delicious share plates featuring high-quality cheeses and cured meats packed full of Mediterranean flavour. If you’re thinking of starting (or ending) your EOFY party with an exciting board filled with gourmet delights, Soultrap is the corporate party venue for you – and did we mention their spectacular house cocktails?

Pop-up Bar

If you want your EOFY party to be extra indulgent, you might want to have your own pop-up bar during your EOFY Party. One of the most trusted names when it comes to mobile bar services in Sydney is Nomad Bartending. This service is perfect for virtually any event size and can readily match the client’s chosen theme. Each pop-up bar comes with all the bar equipment and a bartender, so you wouldn’t have to worry about staffing it during your event.

Private Chef

If you want a private chef to prepare the food during your EOFY party, then you should check out Chefin.com.au. The website has an impressive list of private chefs that you can hire for specific activities or events. On the website, each private chefs profile features a short introduction, a list of the chef’s dishes, and some career highlights. All this information will help clients decide which private chef to hire for their luxe EOFY party.

Donut Wall

If you want to add something sweet to your EOFY Party, you might want to get a donut wall. As the name suggests, a donut wall is a wall or board that is stacked with dozens of donuts – and it’s 100% guaranteed to be a social media hit! Placed in strategic areas during the event, the donut wall allows guests to grab a quick sweet bite before or after the main meal (and live their sugar-filled childhood dreams in the process).

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To ensure you throw the best work party possible, the number one thing is to be prepared! Proper planning is the key when it comes to throwing a great work party. Make sure all the important decisions are made ahead of time and that you account for some common challenges on the day – for instance, extra guests, weather changes, backup music supply, etc.

Schedule your event to ensure guests always have something to do and that nobody misses out on food or drink. With those elements taken care of, a good time is virtually guaranteed! Most importantly, remember to have fun. If you’re having fun, then chances are your guests are too.

How Do You Do a Virtual Work Party?

Throwing a virtual work party through Zoom or similar video technology can be quite challenging. The very first thing that you have to focus on is the technical aspect of the event. Be prepared when it comes to connectivity, troubleshooting, proper use of applications or software, and more. If everyone is familiar with the technology and set up ahead of time, the event itself will run more smoothly.

Next, take care of the adequate and timely delivery of food, if you’re providing something for guests to enjoy. Be sure to plan ahead so that the food packs are received by the recipients way before the start of the ‘party.’

Finally, prepare an engaging virtual event program minimising ‘dead air’ time to avoid awkward gaps. Ensure that all attendees are involved by giving them specific ‘roles’ during the program, asking them to participate in games, or making them dress up for the event.

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