How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Comedian in Australia?

If you are throwing a party or corporate event and hiring a clown as entertainment isn’t going to cut it, why not hire a stand-up comedian? Everyone loves to laugh, and it’s a great way to bring people together at a work party or fundraising event. You can even hire a comedian for a birthday party or other gathering to really liven up the mood. 

Let’s say that you already hired a DJ or a band last year for your corporate event. These options are almost a no-brainer, but they’re also not all that interesting. Why not mix things up and consider bringing in a stand-up comic? Bands can also be very pricey, considering the equipment and tech rider, and there’s a lot more hassle involved in setting up your venue for live music. 

Now for the big question – how much does it cost to hire a comedian for a corporate function or private event?

Hiring a typical comedian can range between $150 to $3500 or more, depending on factors like the performance length, their popularity, the number of people in the audience, the event date, event type, location, and many more. Hiring a celebrity comedian can cost anywhere between $1500 to $15,000. You can easily save money on event entertainment by hiring lesser-known local comedians – many of whom are already experienced performers. 

If you’ve never considered hiring a comedian for event entertainment, you’re in luck – this article covers everything you need to know about the industry. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Comedian in Australia?

Hiring a comedian can range between $150 to $3500, depending on factors like popularity and performance length. If your company is throwing a huge event, it would be cheaper to hire a popular comedian than hiring other types of entertainment, like a well-known band.

When hiring a comedian, you are only hiring one person, with a potential crew of 1 to 2 people—compared to hiring a full band of five members with a crew of 3 to 5 people.

Hiring a famous comedian definitely be on the pricey side, especially if it is for a simple birthday celebration at home. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t hire a stand-up comedian at all. A great option is to hire a local act that doesn’t cost as much—but can still be equally as entertaining.

The average rate for local comedians is around $150 to $750 for a one-hour performance. Some comedians can perform longer than one hour. Still, you need to talk about the performance length beforehand to make sure they have enough material for the event—you don’t want your comedian running out of jokes!

Also, keep in mind that some stand-up comedians and acts cannot perform for more than one hour. Some performances or routines are better if they are just one hour long, or their signature routine may be even shorter. Dragging it out may not be very entertaining, and the audience might not stay engaged with the performance, either.

If you need to fill in two to three hours of entertainment for an event, it is probably better to hire more than one comedian. 

Why Hire a Comedian for Your Corporate Event or Party?

Hiring a comedian for any event is a unique form of entertainment with many advantages, such as:

Comedians are versatile

First of all, comedians are very versatile, and you can hire a comedian to suit the atmosphere of (almost) any event. Whatever your line of work is, you can hire a comedian to prepare jokes about your industry or company, making their performance relatable to the type of people attending the event. 

Make sure you choose the right comedian and talk about the guidelines beforehand; some comedians might have dirty jokes that are not appropriate for kids or conservative audiences. If you’re aiming for a slick and professional corporate function, you’ll definitely want to avoid too much lowbrow humour. However, it isn’t an issue that clear communication can’t fix!

Setting up the stage is easy

Setting up a stage for a comedian to perform is stress-free. Compared to the tech requirements of bands, DJs and dancers, a comedian will only usually need a spotlight, a stool, and a mic. They don’t need a lot of special stage requests or large open spaces to perform, making it easy (and cost-effective) to organise the event.

Laughter and stress-relief

Laughing your heart out is excellent therapy! When was the last time you fell out of your seat laughing? If you can’t remember, you should definitely hire a comedian for your upcoming event. An experienced comedian will have the best jokes, skits and impressions to get your audience cackling—as long as you choose a reputable agency or performer, you can tap into the benefits of comedy for your organisation. 

Laughter is a great way to relieve stress, making it especially great for work functions. If you work in a busy and stressful environment, hiring a comedian for your staff party is a much-needed dose of comic relief. A comedy performance is a brilliant strategy to boost employee morale— and hopefully resulting in more productivity around the office. It’s a win-win solution! 

The same goes for when hiring a comedian for a private function or party. After the year we’ve had, your family and friends could use a little bit of comic relief in their lives. If you need a fun entertainment idea for a big birthday party, anniversary bash or even a wedding, you can definitely hire a stand-up comedian at cost-effective prices. 

Can I Hire a Famous Comedian to Perform at My Event?

You can hire a famous comedian to perform at any event – even your birthday party – as long as you have the budget. You can come to an agreement with the comedians’ manager or the comedians themselves, and many have agents who’ll handle all the details on their behalf. 

Sometimes, hiring a celebrity comedian can be as easy as going to their social media page and sending them a direct message. Some comedians even have contact details on their social media to book them for events.

The prices of hiring a famous comedian will differ based on factors like their level of popularity, the performance length, location, event type and more. Make sure you have a budget of at least $3500 to $10,000 for an hour-long performance – yes, it’s fairly steep, but if you’re organising a high-profile corporate event or fundraising gala, it can be worth investing in a big name comedian. 

If your budget allows, hiring a celebrity comedian is guaranteed to fill seats at your next big event! 

How Long Does a Comedian Perform at an Event?

The average performance length for any event is around 20 to 30 minutes—up to an hour maximum, in most cases. Anything longer than that can cost more, require custom material, and may not be as entertaining for the audience. You can always hire more than one comedian to make sure you fill out the night’s program. 

If you want little bits of comedy through the entire event, you can also hire a comedian to be the host or MC. Aside from their act, you can also get joke tidbits in between performances to keep audiences engaged. If you need a more extended entertainment roster, you can hire a combination of comedians and a mobile DJ so there is never a dull moment throughout the event.

What Kind of Venue Can a Comedian Perform At?

Professional comedians have a few specific requirements when performing at events. Aside from having the budget for their performance, you will also need to have an elevated stage at the venue. Some agencies will not allow comedians to perform at a venue without an elevated location, even at a private home event. 

Some local and lower-profile acts might be more flexible on the details, so it’s best to ask directly what their venue requirements are. 

What Do I Need to Supply for a Comedian at my Event?

You will also need to supply a PA system with an operator, wireless microphones, spotlights, and any other specific requests the comedian makes. Make sure you discuss the tech rider requirements with the agency or with the comedian you are hiring. It might sound like a lot, but these stage and venue requirements are still minimal if you compare it to hiring a band.

If the venue already has a PA system, ensure that the quality is good and have a sound operator set up the comedian’s audio.


How to Book a Comedian for Your Event

Booking a comedian is much easier than it sounds. You can either visit comedy agency websites or find booking details through specific comedians’ social media pages. Here are some of the best comedian agencies in Australia if you are looking to hire a stand-up comedian for your next event:

Corporate Comedians

Corporate Comedians has excellent high-profile comedians on their books, and they specialise in corporate events. The price range of hiring a comedian from this agency is $1500 to $3500.

Vogue Entertainment

This agency manages high-quality comedians for hire, as well as other entertainment options like celebrity hosts, bands, dancers and magicians. Just visit the Vogue Entertainment website for more details.

Stand-up Comedians

You can easily book high-quality entertainers and comedians when you visit the Standup Comedians website. Hire a comedian in Sydney, Melbourne, or a range of other locations around Australia. 

Keynote Entertainment

Keynote Entertainment is a one-stop destination for all kinds of entertainment, including keynote speakers for corporate events, MCs, comedians and after-dinner entertainment. They’re able to provide entertainers for corporate and private events all over Australia.


Token manages some of Australia’s most high profile (and all-time funniest) stand-up comedians. All you need to do is fill out the information on their landing page, and they will find the right comedian for your event.

If you want a more homegrown option, you can reach out to local comedy clubs to get connected with the right performer for your event. 

Related Questions

H3: How Much Does It Cost to Hire Entertainers for a Corporate Event?

Hiring entertainers for a corporate event in Australia ranges from $300 to $15,000, depending on how high-profile the entertainer is. Having a famous band or high-profile comedian perform at your corporate event will be the most expensive option, whereas having a local stand-up comedian or mobile DJ perform is on the cheaper side. There is minimal equipment and set-up required for a stand-up comedy act, while AV and lighting expenses will also be higher for other kinds of entertainment. 

How Do I Choose the Right Corporate Event Entertainment?

The entertainment should be suitable for the event theme and in line with your company’s culture. Corporate events are an opportunity to make a statement about your organisation, so choosing an entertainment option in line with your internal or external marketing strategy is a must. The style of entertainment – for instance, choosing between a band, DJ or stand-up comedian – will also be limited based on the venue layout and facilities. Once you choose the option that ticks all the boxes, you’re likely to find a performer who fits your budget, even if it means they aren’t a celebrity or well-known act. Local stand-up comedians or lesser-known bands can provide just as much entertainment as a big name, and they come at a fraction of the cost.

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